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Sunday Project: Hello Android

August 21, 2010

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few months has heard more than enough about how A

ndroid is the future and the iPhone is doomed. More about what that means to Apple and why it isn’t as important as you might think will probably follow in a later post, but for now Android sales now outpace iPhone salesAndroid users consume more bandwidth than the iPhone, etc. (On the other hand, iPhone’s users have more sex than Android’s do.)

Whichever way the mobile wars turn out, any programmer or aspiring programmer is probably thinking about striking it rich with their ‘killer app.’ The first step to developing a killer app is a Hello World on your platform of choice, which is what I did today. If you’re interested in the first steps for Android development (which, unlike iPhone development, is free), check out the story over at MobiForge. I probably spent about an hour on the whole thing, and at the end you can actually load your app onto an Android phone (although my Droid is running 2.1, and somehow I set up the SDK to build for 2.2, so I could only run in the Android emulator, which wasn’t bad).

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