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Cool Tool: Unfuddle

August 28, 2010

Well here’s something I didn’t realize I needed: a project tracker. Unfuddle ( looks to be a fantastic one. I’ve only been a member for ten minutes, but they offer a great set of tools that are absolutely essential for project management. Plus it’s free for up to two people on one project. As your team grows, you can scale up to $9 a month for 10 people on four projects.

Let’s dive in to their offerings. First, they offer issue tracking through Tickets. The interface is nice, it integrates with a calendar and a progress bar, and overall it should be familiar to anyone who has used issue tracking software before.

They also offer unlimited Subversion and Git repositories. This is very handy for managing a project, especially when you want a public, secure repository and you don’t have a public server or one that you can leave up 24/7.

We shall see how things progress, but from what I’ve seen so far unfuddle is definitely one cool tool.

Update: For each project you get a nice overview which combines your Tickets, Projects and Subversion, so you can see your commits from a web interface. You can also open and close Tickets from your commit comments! All very cool.

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