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data mining


  • A Mechatronic “Candidate” [Stanford ME210: Article | Video | Writeup]
  • Automatic Calibration of Camera-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks [AHPCRC Summer Institute 2009]
  • A model lighthouse: CAD, 3D print, Arduino [Photos]


  • Algorithms and Protocols for Adaptive Power in Wireless Networks Under Mobility
  • Characterizing the Hysteresis of Routing Protocols to Improve Time-Parallel Simulation [Stanford Senior Project]


  • A Music Synthesizer in Verilog [Stanford EE108A]
  • A Heap Allocator [Stanford CS107]
  • A (limited) MIPS Virtualization Environment in MIPS Assembly [Stanford EE108B]
  • Threads, User Programs, Virtual Memory and a File System for the Pintos Operating System [Stanford CS140]


  • A private corporate document-sharing network [Startup]
  • Porting macros for Cisco IOS [Cisco Router and Switch Security Group]
  • An Algorithmic Trading System for Equities [IMC Financial Markets]
  • A satellite thing [Startup]
  • Various Googley things [Google]


  • A Crime of Passion: Eadweard Muybridge and Justifiable Homicide in California
  • Uncensoring the Internet in Iran: A Political and Technical Analysis
  • A New Approach to Stanford’s Senior Gift [Consulting project, 2 weeks]
  • A Higher-Ed Market Entry for Content Management [Consulting project, 18 weeks]
  • Modeling Dropbox’s Referral Incentive Program
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